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Book Binding Glue – Eva-Tec provides a wide range of hotmelt and water-based adhesives for the bookbinding and graphic arts industry. We provide spin glues, side glues and glues for casing-in books. Below you can find our promote range, please contact us to discuss your needs.

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Hot Melt Book Binding Glue

Hotmelts adhesives for Bookbinding are 100 per cent solid thermoplastic materials that flow when heated; the final bond is gained when the temperature has fallen to the ambient one, i.e. that of the material being glued. Hotmelt Glue consist of polymers, tackifying resins, and waxes; they have the distinct advantages of being capable of extremely high tack with medium to very fast setting speeds, and of not necessitating nightly cleaning down equipment.

Hotmelts suitable for Book binding are used mainly as one-shot applications in the production of catalogues, and burst binding, which, combined with a stretch lining material, may be used when a book is to be rounded and backed.

Modern hotmelts used in the Book Binding industry, can bond the widest possible range of paper stocks, and if formulated correctly have yet to reveal any age limit. 

(PUR) or Reactive Hotmelts for Graphic Arts

These products are 100 per cent solid moisture curing hotmelts. They are produced from a range of polymers which are blended in a special reactor. In the presence of moisture they crosslink and form a tough skin that resists re-melting; this also gives them a high degree of heat, cold and solvent resistance far beyond normal hotmelts. The second generation reactive hotmelts have high tack levels thus reducing the need for special laydown or conveying systems and they can also be trimmed or sawn within a minute.

Reactive hotmelts are manly used for unsewn binding on difficult papers that would normally have been sewn, to give and hold a good round on a sewn or sewn book block. Laboratory tests have not yet found an age limit on these products.

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