Wide Range of the Strongest Wood Glue Products – Emulsion Adhesives

We supply a wide range of adhesives for the following applications
Curved wood, solid wood, assembly, veneer applications, waterproof adhesives,
Dowling, window scantling, finger joints.
We stock Liquid PU, UF glue, MUF glue, D2 D3 & D4 PVAC’s

PKI-Wood Glue Supplier UK-Eva-Tec


Parquet Flooring Adhesive


Hotmelt Adhesives

We also supply a wide range of hotmelt adhesives for bonding a range of applications.
These hotmelts come in all formats, Pellets, 2KG blocks, 20KG drum etc
The hotmelts we supply are natural adhesives, EVA, polyamides, polyolefins and polyurethane.
Our hotmelt adhesives glue Straight edges, profile wrapping, post forming, soft forming, edge banding

Strongest Wood Glue Supplier UK

For information of on Packaging Adhesives and our Commercial Adhesives Distributor division, please visit our Packaging Adhesive Supplier page.